Winter Break is right around the corner!

December 11, 2018
Snowman with drum

Winter Break is right around the corner! With all of that free time on the horizon, you might be wondering what you should do to make this most of this time. Whether you are a homebody or avid traveler, here are your top recommendations for winter break!

Top 10 books for your winter break reading list as recommended by The Deep South Magazine:

  1. A curios Matter of Men with Wings
  2. The Glass Ocean
  3. Nell and Lady
  4. Set List
  5. Tear Me Apart
  6. What Luck, This Life
  7. Where the Crawdads Sing
  8. Whiskey in a Teacup
  9. Becoming Mrs. Lewis
  10. The Dream Daughter

For a full list of recommended books, click HERE

Top 10 winter break travel destinations by Trips to Discover:

  1. The Florida Keys
  2. Puerto Rico
  3. Panama
  4. Las Vegas
  5. San Diego
  6. Caladesi Island
  7. Bahamas
  8. Catalina Island
  9. Montego Bay
  10. Tulum

For a full list of top winter break travel desintations, click HERE

If neither traveling nor reading is what interests you, click HERE to see a full list of fun activities you can do with your friends and family instead. We hope whatever you chose to spend your time doing, it gives you the ultimate escape from school work to be refreshed for the Spring Semester.