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So far, I haven't had any problems with the apartment other than the fact that there does seem to be a lot of small bugs like rolly polly's near the doors.

It has been Ok, I dont like living in building 5 tho, due to the train being directly behind. Also maintenance tends to be pretty slow. But besides that it is a decent place to live

I have really enjoyed living at the Forums for the past year. It is my first one bedroom apartment, and I am very thankful to be living in such a nice facility.

Very quiet place close to school and relaxing and of of course cheap rent. The staff is great the area is close to a bunch of shopping centers

I really appreciate the Forum, and how safe I feel in the complex. I also really enjoy the amenities such as the computer lab, the gym, the pool, and the volleyball courts.

So far I have enjoyed living here a lot, it is 100 times better than living in the dorms on campus. One major reason for that is having my own room and bathroom, another is how amazing my roommates are!

Apartment spaces are a little small and over priced (paying 650 for a 4 bedroom). Nice living community and covered parking. The staff is nice as well but the apartment could use some renovation especially for the price we pay.

Overall great apartment complex, nice building, rooms, and furniture. But maintenance can take a long time and be prepared for going over on your utilities significantly. But overall if you are looking for a cheap place to live in the Denton area consider the forums.

The first year I lived here, I enjoyed it very much. Now that I live here with randoms it's okay. I mean I still get what I was wanting but it's definitely the friends that make this experience the best.

Disorganized office staff. Incentives promised at lease signing took months to arrive and the staff didn't seem to care. Apartment was messy at move in, with rotting food in the fridge, trash on the floor, broken blinds, broken door, and the front door wouldn't unlock, so I was stuck outside with all of my things on move-in day until a guy bought a new lock and changed it.

Going good yet the neighbors that I have are very noisy sometimes. I cant study. But still a good place to live. Would definitely recommend to future people.

The management here is great. They will help you with anything. Also the maintenance people are the best. They are friendly and get the job done quickly to get you up and running again. Would definitely recommend this place.

Everything has been Pretty good so far. My only large grievance would be how the utility bill fluctuates inconsistently. Other than that no other complaints.

They changed up parking mid lease and I never knew. Now my friends car is towed and I’m unhappy. They make you pay a $56 startup fee fort their third party utilities people. They took an extra month to give us our incentive

My experience living here at the forums have been enjoyable.. The clubhouse is awesome . I love doing homework in the computer room aswell the pool and workout room is great

I really like the environment here. everyone Is really nice and the apartment is exactly how I expected it to be. the location is nice, close to drive to school but also a short bus ride.

The forums has many good and bad qualities. Their staff is very friendly but rarely actually follows through with what they say. I love the apartment though and definitely got lucky with some awesome, randome roommates!

So far living here has been great. My only complaint is having to moving in towards the end of August, paying rent, and then paying rent again on the 1st. It honestly makes no sense.... I get business is businesss but personally that’s just fraudulent in my opinion. Especially with student housing ... there should be a better understanding.

Living at the Forums this year has been horrible! The management is unprofessional. It took almost a month for maintenance to come fix issues in our apartment and we still haven’t received a new trash can that we asked for 2 months ago.

Good experience, however the walls are very thin so you can hear everything. The cap on water/electricity is also very low so it’s very hard not to go over and get extra charges.

I signed at a one-bedroom unit. I am grateful that the Forum offers the opportunity to live alone while still living in a student living complex. I enjoy the amenities such as the pool, fitness center, and study rooms.

The location of the forum is convenient, and I love that there is a bus route which comes right to the front. All of the amenities are great, however the front gate hasn’t been working since I’ve been here, and a few things in my apartment were broken when I moved in.

The forum is a nice place for college students and there is always something going on. The staff in the leasing center are great and the maintence crew are thorough with their work.

So far everything has been pretty good here. For the most part, it has been quiet and I haven’t incountered any issues where I don’t feel safe. It does take a lot to get maintenance to come. Also, the rent is not posted until the day it is due. The apartment was not clean when we moved in. Other than that everything else has been good.

the living space itself isn’t bad, but the management most of the time is very slow and not helpful. i’ve had to wait weeks to get my mail, and visitors signing up through an app is extra and dumb.

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