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I love the forums. Everything is amazing here but the parking. I've gotten used to it a little bit but there should be more vistor parking here. Beside that they are fine to me. I haven't had any problems.

Love the apartment itself, just wishes maintainence was quicker. I enjoy the community activities that occurr and I'm happy to see there is more of that coming up in the future

I wish there was more visitor parking spots available rather than making my guests walk a long distance. It's a really nice complex but the distance to walk is so far that I almost feel like I have to drive to get them.

Very nice apartments. Much better than the old ones I lived in previously. I'm super happy with my choice and I live the amenities! The gym isn't too fancy but it gets the job done.

This apartment is really cool and you have good customer service. I remember when I moved in, I noticed the bath drain was clogged so I logged a complain. With patience, I had it repaired. Thank you.

I LOVE living at the Forum! The apartments are nice and spacious and I love my roommates. The square is really close and we love to find cool places in Denton!

So far so good loving all the activites going on and that it is so close to campus. everyone has also been super helpful whenever there are questions.

Checked out the gym and hot tub for the first time since moving here this semester. I enjoyed the hot tub very much and like the people were hanging out there.

Great place to live, have nothing negative to say. Matinance was very responsive and office was always very helpful. Glad to have new pool tables and events through the year.

This apartment is great but there are several things that could make living here a lot better. It would be nice to have an actual privacy fence facing facing the train track. I don't feel comfortable sitting outside my balcony because everyone on that road can see me and easily get into the apartment complex. Also the response time for work orders could be A LOT better

So far I have been impressed! But, maintenance has taken a while. I love being close to campus and I love the atmosphere of the forum. I can't wait to use all my amenities.

Very good place to live. Love the new management and the new staff. I just wish they updated the beds and couches, most show signs of wear and use.

I haven't been in my apartment for even a week yet and I'm already very disappointed honestly. The apartment was disgusting when we moved in. Nothing was cleaned. Many things were broken including the stove/oven which burned my roommate very badly and almost caused a fire. I understand that its the first week and it's too early for maintenance to help every one but when something is a safety hazard they should immediately take action!

Everything is pretty good just wish things got fixed faster and we didn't get kicked out of the pool so much by cops. The free food at the clubhouse is always nice though.

I enjoy the apartment and the amenities. I look forward to my stay and have had very few problems. The staff that I interact is always friendly and makes me feel comfortable and welcome. Not a fan of all the high priced fees for anything that may go wrong.

Very occomidating, first building I was in was extremely messy and dirty. The staff were very helpful in replacing me. Alot of open space and great amminities.

The customer service seems to be great so far, with staff being attentive and swift. The only complaint I have thus far is the cleanliness of the rooms when moving in.

Love this place so much. I found very cool roommates and one of them even worked here. Every time maintenance is called out, they fix the problem.

Forum staff is great. Moved into a very well maintained apartment. Also, having a fully furnished apartment is awesome. Will consider living here for another year.

You're doing great! My roommates and I were moving into a 3 bedroom apartment and were assigned to the third floor. Last week, one of my roommates got hit by a car, and the forum was quick to accommodate and get us a first floor apartment.

I enjoy living here so much! I've never had any problems that weent fixed right away by the front office! I definitely recommend living here!

I love the Forums Apartment! Best apartments I ever stayed in! The size of the apartments are really big! Comfortable is not even the question! Very warmful when I step in my apartment!

My girlfriend and I have been living here for a while. Never had any real trouble. I just hate the train that passes by every half hour, but we live directly to the side of the tracks.

Love my apartment. I took over my friends lease because she graduated early and I love my new roommates. My friend still comes over and we all end up spending time at the club house and pool. Clubhouse and pool are kept clean and a ton of people show up to relax as well. The one security guard is so cool and always comes by in the evening to check everything and even chat. Will renew my lease this next spring!

I'm great everything's at my apartment is great also. The only complaint I have is that every month we go over in our cap and we barley use our electricity which makes rent more expensive.

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