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I really like the environment here. everyone Is really nice and the apartment is exactly how I expected it to be. the location is nice, close to drive to school but also a short bus ride.

The forums has many good and bad qualities. Their staff is very friendly but rarely actually follows through with what they say. I love the apartment though and definitely got lucky with some awesome, randome roommates!

I signed at a one-bedroom unit. I am grateful that the Forum offers the opportunity to live alone while still living in a student living complex. I enjoy the amenities such as the pool, fitness center, and study rooms.

The forum is a nice place for college students and there is always something going on. The staff in the leasing center are great and the maintence crew are thorough with their work.

So far everything has been pretty good here. For the most part, it has been quiet and I haven’t incountered any issues where I don’t feel safe. It does take a lot to get maintenance to come. Also, the rent is not posted until the day it is due. The apartment was not clean when we moved in. Other than that everything else has been good.

Place is nice. Fun things to do. The indoor basketball court is probably one of the coolest parts, along with the new sand volleyball courts.

Good Community. But, they need to be more organized when they are having the students move in. Only problem that we had was the room assignment between the roommates in the apartment.

Nice amenities, location is close to the school that I go to, buses come when they’re supposed to, workout room is always clean and nice, pool is nice

The forums are an okay apartments if you are just starting off living own your own. I have no complaints about the apartment except i would like a bigger room

My experience here had been delightful but there is always something going on in the surrounding neighborhoods. Once I heard gun shots coming from the main office. Apart from that, the staff don’t keep to their word. They tell you one thing to convince you to sign but then later they don’t hold up to it.

Nice place to live, with a friendly staff! All of my questions are always answered in a timely manner, and with very knowledgeable responses.

Living at the Forum has been great. I am a graduate student living in a one bedroom and I was concerned that it would be loud because it is a student housing community, but it has been fine. Only reason I gave 4.5 stars is because the fan in the bathroom is very loud

Leasing agents are very attentive and are easily available to to find on grounds st all times. Gym facility could be a little bit flea but besides that everything else is great

The ammenties and staff are awesome and the fact that it is close to work and school it a great bonus for me. I like that it’s also not noisy

So far I like the apartment. Other than being too close to a train track! I like the pool, volleyball courts and how maintenance requests are followed through.

It’s so far so good. The only thing I would complain about is there’s always litter, my apartment was dirty when I moved in and full of the previous peoples expired food, and the cable here sucks you don’t get a lot of channels and the quality of the tv isn’t the best. Also the couches are gross they don’t have leather so it’s hard to know the last time they were clean and you can just feel how nasty they are when you sit on them.

Living here is awesome! I absolutely love the UNT bus that comes, I love trash pick up, and the staff is just amazing. They are always nice, and will always answer any questions you have.

So far everything at the Forum has been great. The rooms are nice, the staff is friendly, and the amenities are great. My only complaint is the train outside my window.

Move in day was a little hectic because there were so many people in the office. The experience was ok, Just took over a week to get the internet on & cable on. These apartments are nice and they are clean.

I’m a parent, and my daughter is happy living here. The place is clean and bright. I also like the security aspect of your complex. All in all, very satisfied.

Nice apartment!!! the only problem is the train that passes by now and then. And you have to keep calling them to get things done in your apartment.

lots of cracks in my apartment. dryer was broken when i moved in and it took weeks for them to come fix it. nice amenities and staff. convenient location and good price

I haven’t met a lot of people yet, but everyone seems pretty chill so far. No noise complaints or anything. Though the ceiling is pretty thin, and I can hear the people above me having very enthusiastic jumping jack sessions.

The forum provides great amenities, the complex is clean, up to date. Friendly staff, perfectly located on the UNT bus route. Very quiet especially for college apartments.

My experience at the forum has been amazing, I love my apartment and the office assistance is so helpful and nice. The pool is relaxing, it’s not too loud ! It’s just right for me